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Hillwood High School Internet Directory

Since Slumberwood has one of these, I figured I'd do one for Hillwood, too, although these guys aren't as prominent on the intarwebz on the net.

Koi Ichihara
Joel Hutchinson
Harrison Killebrew

Feel free to interact with the cast! They love talking to people!

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It lives!

Sheridan Travers of Slumberwood, er, not-quite-fame has agreed to start up his own LJ! You can keep up with him at pixystixaddict, if you're so inclined.

Oh, and since I never update this community anymore...I worked on Londinium a little bit! I'm in the middle of chapter eleven. It also looks like Butterflies and Hurricanes is in for a big rewrite...
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Just a little news so you know we're not dead here...

slumberwood is coming along - there are plenty of new bios up there! I got most of the pitching staff up there, but there are one or two people I still need to add (two relievers, three utility players and the DH) in order to complete the team. After that we'll meet the other important people, like the coaching staff and some others, but for now this is all I've got. Hey, it's progress - I surprised myself by getting so much done so quickly. The profile page is coming along - the roster is currently posted there, so check it out!

Londinium has ten completed chapters, and I'm currently in the process of writing the eleventh one. It's hard when you have to divide your time between two short Dustins, okay? Really, you'd be surprised how difficult it's becoming.

Butterflies and Hurricanes is not, contrary to popular belief, dead. It's still alive and well, but it needs some revamping and will hopefully get back into gear during the summer, when hanachan01 and I aren't four hours or so apart and can work together in person.

Otherwise, that's it. If you've got any questions, feel free to contact either of us and we'll update you as best we can!
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You know you're a loser when you let fictional people guest-blog.

A few days ago, I announced on my personal journal that I had gotten my resident fictional Bostonian lunatic, Elisa (Ells) Robbins, to write up a little summary of what the 2007 season meant to her. Normally she is noted for saying things like, "When Jacoby Ellsbury stole home from second base on a wild pitch back in July, the straight women and gay men of New England collectively orgasmed," but here she is surprisingly eloquent (for her, anyway) and says some pretty nice things.

Collapse )

So there you are, some thoughts on 2007 written by a fictional Bostonian with weird hair (yes, that is her real hair, by the way - in that image, Thatcher is the one in the front). I know, she makes some references to people from her life who she served with in the War on Fangirlism from 2004 to 2007, which you can ask her about if you're really curious (I'm sure she'll be willing to tell you so you can help her combat Mary Sueism), but otherwise it's pretty straightfoward. Ells is a New Englander who remembers the past and is totally excited and confused about the future, like most New Englanders old enough to recall the agony of years past (she's afraid that the kids might grow up entitled and spoiled, like some Yankees fans who were young in the early 90s did).

She's also fictional, which makes her cooler than me and makes it possible for her hair to be the way it is. Ah, being fictional.
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New canon alert!

Yes, my obsession with creating characters has come back to haunt me once again. I've got a new canon in the form of a fictional Division I school, Slumberwood College, and its lovely little baseball team who wants to reach the College World Series for the first time.

I have a newly-minted journal devoted to these kids and their progress here: slumberwood

They don't start playing until February, but they've just finished their fall scrimmages and are looking good, so we'll see how everything pans out next year! I'll introduce you to the team in due time - they'll get player profiles up on the school's "official" LJ account (see above) and stuff, so you'll be familiar with them all soon.

Well, that's it! Hopefully I'll have an update on the progress of Butterflies and Hurricanes soon, too!
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Good news!

Well, it's happened! We have officially gotten our webcomic set up, and we'll probably have the first official page up within the next two weeks. hanachan01 has the first part of the script and has plotted out what she's going to do, so things are finally looking up for us - we're getting B&H off the ground!

You can find our webcomic page at smackstephenfry.com smackjeeves.com right here. We haven't posted anything yet, but we'll let you know when we do!

(Yes, my icon is Dustin Pedroia when he played at ASU. That kid is made of win.)