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Important announcement concerning Butterflies and Hurricanes!

hanachan01 and I have decided that Butterflies and Hurricanes, formerly known as the NYC Music Story, will become a webcomic! We'll keep you posted on that process as it continues, but in a few weeks we might have the first installment up if all goes well. Wish us luck!

Londinium is coming along, as well - chapter nine is well on its way to being finished, and there have been some startling new developments in the life of one Dustin Thatcher, who, with my fictional Bostonian cohort Ells Robbins, I have taught over the summer to play baseball because he is disturbingly similar to the rookie second baseman the Red Sox have brought up from the minors for his first full season this year. Whilst that may not matter now, in the fourth book our main characters venture to America, so we'll see how I can do something with this down the road...

Oh, and Dustin knows Ells' great-great-great-grandfather, Colter, whom he meets in the fourth book, so maybe there's something there. Colter fought in the American Civil War and does know how to play baseball, so maybe, just maybe, something will happen...
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Because it hasn't been updated since May.

We don't have a fanbase yet (we'll establish one someday! Watch us try and fail miserably!), but I'm updating this for the sake of,, I guess.

I've finished the script for the first volume of B&H. Things are happening, but slowly. (I haven't had much writing time lately...) Londinium is coming along - I'm in the middle of chapter nine right now, so we'll see when that's finished. Otherwise, nothing's going on with me (I haven't been all that productive, but when you're packing up your things for an entire month not much happens). I'm not sure what Hana is doing because I'm now several hours away from her and won't be back for some time, so I can't update you on her current status. (I have to send her the script, though, so if she hasn't done much it's probably my fault.)

If anything happens, I'll be sure to let you know. But it's not likely that much will, so don't get too optimistic. (I've read Candide, and I know that it's dangerous for you anyway.)
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At least one of our characters had to have a good car.

Since I'm such a petrolhead (gearhead in American English), I made sure that Mickey Gunn got himself a nice car. In an earlier post, I mentioned that it would likely be a Goat. I've confirmed that now - it's a 1964 Pontiac GTO.

Here's an image of one. They're great cars, especially if you're into Detroit muscle. 

GTO, by the way, stands for Gran Turismo Omologato. The Pontiac was named after a Ferrari that raced in the GT class (the name understandably was protested by racing purists). Mickey's particular model is from 1964, which means that it originally sold for only $296 and would have originally been fitted with a 389 in³ V8 engine (325 hp, 4800 rpm). By changing the carburation to what GM called the "Tri-Power" option, the horsepower could be bumped up to 348. Mickey has probably restored his and made some alterations (I sure hope he was smart enough to improve the steering, which was slow on the original).

If you've got any other questions on the car, feel free to comment with them. (I know it's a bit weird for someone with my general interests to also love cars, but I've always been a bit eclectic.)

And yes, that icon is of Mario Andretti and his grandson Marco. (For those concerned about what happened during the 500 last Sunday, Marco is unharmed.)
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Thoughts on higher education...

Just a quick comic tidbit here! I'm going to promote the places of higher education our characters are attending currently:

Reina has a cousin going to NYU, but she herself isn't. I don't know too much about her yet, but I'll find out what she's doing in New York when she's ready to tell me. We've only just met, after all.

Rob is a graduate student at Columbia University. He is a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford. (Those who know me well enough will know why I selected Magdalen with only a cursory glance at the list of alumni - and no, it's not because of Oscar Wilde! Someone I care about an awful lot was an organ scholar there...)

Koi is attending the Julliard School, where her primary instrument is the piano (although she is also learning the violin, which means she may get to meet Itzhak Perlman, who teaches there!). She had to live on campus the first year (it's mandatory), but she probably lives back at home now. 

Hugh is a business student attending the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, which is part of CUNY (yes, CUNY, not SUNY). The Zicklin School is one of the most prestigious and largest business schools in the world, so he ought to feel pretty lucky. 

That's all I know right now, but I'll post more schools later once I find out a bit more about the cast. I'm still getting to know them, so it might take some time...
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Comic progress!

I've finished the second official chapter for the comic! That means we now have the prologue and two full chapters written. I'm planning on penning five chapters for this first volume - that's six counting the prologue - so we'll see how it goes.

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Brief comic update!

I've finished the script for the first chapter! 

...No, I won't post it here. That'd be stupid of me. But it's done. Actually, it's more of a prologue than a chapter, but it exists. I'll try to get the first chapter done within the next few days - we'll see how it goes.
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Jacques luffs Huey!

Good news - I've figured out the plot for the first volume. It came to me in history class today. Unfortunately, as this has picked up its pace, I seem to have hit a writer's block on Londinium. Argh. I'm in the middle of a chapter, too, and I know where it's going, but I just can't make myself write it. It's cute, too - Basil does something nice for Dustin, which is his way of showing the reader that he's not a sarcastic jerk and that he's actually a really nice guy. 

Here are a few other random ideas:

~ Mickey is a cabbie - that's his day job.
~ If we ever do a cross-canon project, Dustin can play with the NYC Music Story cast - he can play the piano and learned the guitar out of canon. 
~ Both of my projects have procrastinating Roberts in them - in the NYC Music Story, it's Carlock, whilst in Londinium it's Sheldon.
~ I know how Jacques De Cock is going to fit into the story! Noeru rents one of his movies as a joke, which he watches with Hugh (they laugh instead of doing anything sexual, of course). A few weeks later, Hugh goes to a gay bar to socialize and try to meet someone new, and he runs into Jacques there. He recognizes Jacques from the film. Jacques decides he wants to talk to Hugh, so he does so, and Hugh compliments him on his, erm, "acting skills." Jacques takes this as a sign to advance and he becomes attracted to Hugh. Hugh doesn't reciprocate, of course, so he has to find a way to deal with a porn star who is blindly in love with him.

It nearly made me laugh in the middle of Latin class, so I guess it works. 

Meanwhile, the other Hugh (and his buddy Stephen) are content to kick ass.

(One last thing - am I the only person who thinks the Bay City Rollers were trying to sound like the Beatles when they did Saturday Night?)

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Londinium defined

I might as well do this now.

Project: I've called it Londinium for the past two years, so I suppose that's stuck.
Creators: Me. This is my solo shot.
Genre: Very much a satirical look at the Victorian period - I'm trying to dispose of people's misconceptions about it.
Plot: That's a hard one. Londinium is difficult to sum up in a few sentences, but I'll try. Basically, Basil Remington, our leading man, has just taken a job at a bank in London. He accidentally becomes friends with a working class man named Dustin Thatcher, and the two of them end up going through various misadventures and occasionally fight the system together. So far, I've got three books laid out plot-wise, and I'm working on the fourth. In total, there will probably be five of them.
Characters: Too many to be briefly described here. I'll get profiles for everyone up here eventually - I've got a list, but it's incomplete and I have some new characters to add to it. (I tend to create at least one new character a week, so that list will likely always be incomplete.)
Progress: I'm seven chapters into the first book, and I've got the plots ready for the first three (likely out of five).
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Just an idea I got the other day...

I was running an endurance race on Gran Turismo 4 (which took me 3.5 hours!) when this little thought struck me - maybe Mickey Gunn could be a bit of a gearhead/petrolhead (both terms mean people obsessed with anything with a motor, cars in particular - the first one is American and the second one is British). Additionally, he could have a really awesome classic vehicle (don't worry, I'll pick a good one!). 

I think this didn't just come from Gran Turismo, though. I've spent much of the weekend attempting to tell the Beatles apart, so the car thing may be partially inspired by George Harrison. (He liked Minis, though, and they're just the best things ever, as the models scattered around my room testify). Mickey seems more like the muscle car type, though, so I was thinking he could have a Pontiac GTO or a Chevrolet Camaro - maybe even a Ford Mustang if he's into pony cars. He looks like a GTO guy to me, so right now I'm thinking he'll have a Goat. Just wanted to toss this one out there.